Directed by Julien & Quentin
Written by @clement_cimarro, Julien & Quentin
Original Music Composed By Quentin Garabedian (From Julien & Quentin)
Thanks to all our amazing crew and everybody involved on this crazy project.
Produced by the best house in Paris and Bruxelles @hamlet.tv
producer @clement_martorell
Proplayers producer : @yanisinho allez paris
line producers @ondinedupont, @timsalze
DOP @antoinecormier
Freshly cutted by @mariereglissemonsimier
VFX by @orage_studio
Postproducer : Thomas Floch
Belgium executive producer : @pimverhaert
Production coordinator @eguionneau
Pro players scenes service production @falcagram
Setdesigner @silkederycke & Johanne Carpentier
Styling : @lisalapauw
Title animation : @pingouh
Daniel Duru
Akinlolu Akinsanya
Top players
Agency : @lafourmi
DC : @clement_cimarro - Thank you for your trust and collaboration !!
Director of Strategy : Jordane Rabute
Account Director : Louis Pierre-Adolphe
Account Manager : Kevin Antunes
Account Executive : Hadrien Stolz
TV Production & Art Buying : Barbara Vaira
Clément Lacour, Abigail Roger

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